Zonker Harris: A Belated Photo Celebration

The Babies

As savvy Wesleying readers and residents of the Foss Hill area will know, a bevy of bands played in the WestCo courtyard on a beautiful day last weekend, including The Babies, Happy Jawbone Family Band, O Presidente, Grand Cousin, Molly Rocket and the Crooks, Siren, Laundrette, Donfroot, and Jacob and the Masters. Happy Jawbone Family Band, who are from Brattleboro, Vermont, packed the perfect stage banter for the day, continually asking the crowd about Wesleyan’s reputation for “carnal experimentation” and whether everyone in the audience had done it. “Yes, sterilely,” responded someone in the crowd. The Babies introduced energetic pop-punk that kept the crowd energized through late-afternoon nodding.

In a parallel world on Foss Hill, baked goods were sold for Stethoscope Press and a sharp-minded and well-organized group of individuals engaged in political protests. However, this post is all about the music. Specifically, it’s about how I only caught The Babies, Happy Jawbone Family Band and Molly and the Rockets and spent the rest of the time wandering around, socializing, eating and jumping in a large bouncy tent outside of Usdan. There are, however, a bevy of photos resulting from these explorations. Lose yourself, find yourself, be proud of your participation in this politically important day. (If you’re not proud, feel free to contact me and I will remove any occurrences of your slack-jawed likeness. I won’t be offended.)

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