Grassroot Soccer on Foss Hill

Fun fact: Ian Waldron ’13 used to make funny photoshops of his Wes soccer teammates. Isn’t that fun?!

More information, carefully reproduced from the original:

no talent needed, you can even have negative talent. just email iwaldron@wes with your team of 3-5 people(3 if you got that cray endurance). its 5$ a person but donations welcome too if your gettin’ money like that. try tog et your teams in sooner rather than later so we can set up the bracket and all that jazz. we did this 3 years ago and it was a blast so get involved.

When: Saturday, May 4
Where: bottom of Foss Hill
Cost: $5

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    1. Batte_A

      I’ve corrected the mistake in the post, but the stain on my reputation can never be removed. I sincerely regret this error.

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