“Joyously Take to the Streets”: May Day in Middletown

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The Middletown May Day Committee writes in with your daily dose of revolutionary direct action:

The long chill of winter has lifted and spring is stirring in our hearts. Join us this May Day (Wednesday, May 1st), as we joyously take to the streets in a roving festival of resistance!

In a world where vacant land stands idle while countless go without food or shelter, we will reclaim space from private interests and cultivate it in service of our community. Come together at 10:30 AM on Washington and Pearl to help revitalize a community garden that is under threat from the proposed strip mall construction.

In a world where learning and knowledge is greedily hoarded behind the high walls of the ivory-tower academy, we will gather to learn democratically and accessibly. Join us at 2:30 at Middlesex Community College for a May Day Teach-in featuring speakers from the War Resisters League and the Middle East Crisis Committee. A group bike ride will be meeting outside 190 High St, the UOC, at 1:45 to bike to the Community College.  A van from the Wesleyan Office of Community Service will be available at Parking Lot C on Church St, leaving at 2:15 and returning at 3:50.

In a world where billion-dollar election campaigns pass for democratic discourse and access to public space is privatized, surveilled, and restricted, we will reclaim both. The day of disparate actions will culminate in Spear Park on Williams and Main at 5:00 for an unpermitted People’s Assembly. We will share a meal with our neighbors, enjoy music together, build solidarity, air our grievances, discuss action and create a shared strategy in the struggle for a better life.

Another world is possible. Another world is necessary. This May Day, we will see a glimpse of what that new world might look like.

Date: May 1st, International Workers’ Day
Time: 10:30 am , 2:30 pm, and 5:00 pm
Place: The revolution is everywhere!
Facebook: event

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