Liveblog: Public Safety External Review Student Session

Have thoughts about recent incidents involving P-Safe? Head to the Daniel Family Commons right now.

As ehc reported less than half an hour ago, two Public Safety officers have just been reported and fired for apparently viewing and possibly videotaping a female student in her residence. This follows on a long chain of recent incidents involving and sparking tensions between students and Public Safety officers this academic year.

Meanwhile, the administration has hired a University Public Safety Review Committee for an independent review of P-Safe at Wesleyan. According to a recent email from Vice President for Finance and Administration John Meerts, “The assessment will explore whether the Office of Public Safety has adopted and implemented an appropriate campus public safety model, based on our environment and campus expectations.” The reviewer is Margolis Healy, a “nationally reputable firm that specializes in campus safety and security” that has “provided similar services for dozens of other universities and colleges throughout North America.”

If you’re a Wesleyan student, “you are cordially invited to meet with Margolis Healy representatives to share any thoughts or questions you might have about Public Safety at Wesleyan in an open student session to be held on April 30 from 7–8 p.m. in the Daniel Family Commons in the Usdan Center.” You read correctly: that’s happening right now. Talk about timing. In case you can’t make it, Lesanjuan, Solomon, and I will be liveblogging the proceedings. Click past the jump.

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12 thoughts on “Liveblog: Public Safety External Review Student Session

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  4. Lex Blacktown

    Why nothing here about the p safety offers fired for videotaping a female student in her room!!?? Where did this occur? What dorm? We have a right to know!

    1. Anonymouse

      The only thing that would do is further violate the privacy of the person who was filmed…

  5. 2013

    P-Safe is not approachable? Yet a small minority of people knew the name of one P-Safe officer? Maybe you should try approaching P-Safe at times other than when you are getting written up. I’ve made an effort to do so and found the vast majority of officers to be extremely helpful and approachable when I’m not blackout drunk. Does it start from the top with Dave Meyer? Maybe, but it also starts with us as students. You can’t expect each officer to go door-to-door every year and introduce themselves to 3200 students. Take some responsibility.

  6. wesbiker

    There should be a campuswide anonymous survey about relations with Psafe. I think that would help advise Margolis Healy infinitely better than a one-hour panel with 30-ish students.

  7. sketched out

    couldn’t be there i’m at a rehearsal but can you please tell them david meyer is sketchy – let me register an event last minute under the radar and then psafe never even came to check us out – this isn’t fair seeing how they treat other events – registration for events should be reevaluated

    1. lesanjuan

      There was brief discussion about him. Meyer’s on the way out, but there’s no official word on whether he’s retiring or “retiring.” If you’ve got more details about this, consider sending them to the consultants.

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