New Details Emerge in Public Safety Voyeurism Case

Officers “were using a cell phone to take pictures of the student where they live through a window.”
WFSB 3 Connecticut

Though details are scarce, students have been understandably shaken by the recent news that two Public Safety officers have been fired for “the surreptitious viewing and possibly the video recording of a female student in her residence.” The fact that this follows closely on other alleged cases of Public Safety misconduct, ranging from theft to physically assaulting a student, certainly doesn’t help.

A WFSB Eyewitness News video report on the incident offers some clarity as to how this took place. According to the report, the officers were using a cell phone through a campus window to record the student:

Sources told Eyewitness News this was not a sophisticated setup. In fact, they were believed to be using something that most of us already have – a smartphone.

The public safety officers were using a cell phone to take pictures of the student where they live through a window without that individual knowing it.

Here’s how they were caught:

Sources also told Eyewitness News how these public safety officers were caught. Apparently the wife of one of the officers saw the videos and after confronting him, she decided to turn him in.

The video report declines to mention that an independent Public Safety review firm is examining Public Safety and held an open forum with students on Tuesday, where concerns about Public Safety’s hiring practices were widely aired. (Maybe we’ll see some changes soon, considering longtime director Dave Meyer is retiring at the end of the year.) It does mention, however, that voyeurism seems to be a bit of a running theme on campus this year. Let’s hope that pattern ends soon.

The news also made its way onto Middletown Patch, where an image of the Connecticut Science Center is interestingly labeled “Wesleyan University in Middletown”:

Feel free to leave a comment, but in the interest of not violating this student’s privacy any further, any direct references to the student or campus residence in question will be deleted.

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  1. Peter Cotrona

    We have the privilege of working for such a wonderful University community. I have had only positive interactions with the students. They are away from home, and sometimes lean on the people that work there for support, and mostly trust that we will be there to help them along in their journey of life. It breaks my heart when that trust is violated by someone that is supposed to support and protect. Our relationship with the students is a lasting impression, and we have to be examples.

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