Second Stage Presents: Opposable Plays

Lindsay Schapiro ’14 invites you to come get fingered:

Fingers– what exactly are they?– how did they become that shape?– when did we as humans start using them in a sexual capacity?– why do they shake when you hold them out?– why do we crack them and they make a booming sound?– why do we put a circular object on one of them to show others that we are taken?

These are some questions explored through a collaborative theatrical event this week.

The process was unique– 2 months of writing, 4 short plays, 3 directors per play. Every actor had a voice in the directing process and collaborated closely with the writers.

Writers and Directors:
Lindsay Schapiro ’14
Mariana Quinn-Makwaia ’14
Coz Deicke ’15
Alice Lee ’14
Eleonore Finkelstein ’14
Rachel Verner ’15

Hanna Bahedry ’14
Molly Balsam ’14
Conor Boughton ’15
Zach Carlson ’14
Amara Davila ’13
Coz Deicke ’15
Chris Delaney ’14
Riel Elkind ’14
Ali Goldberg ’15
Kara Wernick ’15

The Band:
Tennessee Mowrey ’14
Dylan Nelson ’15
Simon Riker ’14
Matthew Stein ’16

With Collaboration From:
Chris Delaney ’14

Date: May 4
Time: 8:00pm, plus a 3:00pm matinee on Saturday
Place: Beckham Hall in Fayerweather 
Free! No ticket required, just arrive on time!

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