Toneburst Laptop Ensemble – Live on WESU

The disembodied telepresence of Tobias Butler ’13 (aka tobobo from the hub) rises again:

This friday at 5 Eastern, a subset of Wesleyan’s Toneburst Laptop Ensemble will be taking over (some of) the airwaves on WESU 88.1 Middletown’s Wild Wild Live hosted by Mickey Capper and Rachie Weisberg. We will be using the very same computers most of us use to write essays and browse Facebook to create evocative, evolving musical works.

This will be no ordinary radio broadcast—a little over halfway through, you’ll be invited to visit using Google Chrome on your own computer to participate in a composition that will involve your personal machine as one voice in a potentially worldwide laptop choir. There will be a few guerrilla performances around the Wesleyan campus and in Middletown where many computers will be participating simultaneously—so grab your friends and laptops and go to a public place where you can sit and listen for a bit.

Performing in the WESU studio will be
Ian Anderson ’14
Tobias Butler ’13
Dexter Dine ’14
Alex Lough ’13
Jessie Marino GRAD and
Paula Matthusen (director)
– with –
Jess Best ’14
Dylan Bostick ’13
Nathan Friedman GRAD
Brewster Lee ’13
Will Northlich-Redmond
Nestor Prieto GRAD and
Cristopher Ramos-Flores GRAD
at nearby locations

The program includes
Paula Matthusen – Lathyrus
Doug Van Nort – Toneburst Genetic Orchestra
Tobias Butler ’13 – Mergence
Will Smith – Static Line

Date: Today, May 3
Time: 5pm
Place: Everywhere
Cost: You may lose your mind
Facebook Event: Link.

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