It’s That Time of Year: Wescam’s Back


It’s that time of year again. Blossoms are blooming, pollen fills the air, and everyone’s a hot mess.

You know what that means: Wescam is here. It’s the end of the year and for just a little while, the power of the Internet is here to help you connect with those beautiful seniors who are leaving soon. The site’s pretty much the same as the last two years. Underclassmen can add seniors, seniors can add anyone.

All it takes is an account with your Wes email. Explanation from the developers themselves:

wescam lets seniors find other students on campus and other students find seniors. add usernames of people you want to meet up with (they don’t need to already have a wescam account) and if you both add each other, you’ll be simultaneously notified!

one other thing: if someone adds you and you haven’t added them, you both have the opportunity to anonymously message the other person to find out more about each other. we’ll also give the other person a fake username so that you can identify them easily in your conversations. so you can ask them whether you’re both in the same class or how they know you. then you can try to add them to see if you’ve guessed correctly!

Here’s a little instructional video if it still doesn’t make sense:

Here’s a graphical representation from 2011, via A-Batte and Neo Sora ’13: See you on the other side.

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8 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year: Wescam’s Back

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  3. mighthavefuckedup

    so, to clarify…you add someone and they don’t see your name? or do they…?

  4. money

    Wouldn’t take that much programming expertise to make the exact program that allows students of all years to contact each other. This should be done.

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