The Wesleyan Film Theses 2013

It’s thesis week at the Film Department. The screenplay writers kick things off tomorrow at 2pm with “dead people. supervillains. corporate bitches. KATJA.” Movies play in two programs next week.

Screenplay Presentations and Reception:  May 5th, 2pm at the Center for Film Studies
16mm Films – Fri May 10th @ 8pm + Sun May 12th @ 2pm
Digital Films – Sat May 11th @ 8pm + Sun May 12th @ 8pm

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15 thoughts on “The Wesleyan Film Theses 2013

  1. anon 13

    We could all get outraged, or we could ask a film major and find out that the vast majority of people who auditioned were white. I prefer the two minute hate myseld.

  2. what

    counted a total of two people of color in that whole trailer. shouldn’t film majors be trying to change the very homogenous (read: white) nature of the media? isn’t that what wesleyan is supposed to be teaching us how to do??

    1. YEAH!

      It’s a trailer, which means it clearly shows every character that will appear in all the films!!!!!

      1. reply

        trailers obviously feature main characters who occupy some of the most interesting shots. if you’re in support of filmmakers casting people of color in minor roles in order to fill the background and seem egalitarian/diverse, then congrats, you’re a douche bag.

    2. alum

      america is 72% white. Wesleyan film seniors possibly even higher %. what’s surprising about the trailer?

      1. -

        firstly, what about the filmmaker being white makes her choose an all white cast? is she not friends with interesting, film worthy people of color? or do they buy in completely to the disgusting hollywood media standards and only want to film people who look like them? secondly, i’m not surprised by the trailer at all. i wouldn’t expect anything less from people who are privileged and don’t realize that every thing they produce means something. or at least that everything they produce has the potential to mean something, that’s oh, i dunno, different and interesting and maybe even possibly politically correct? unfortunately it falls upon the few to say something to make people realize this shit. critical theory, people. dont’ they teach that shit?

        1. alum

          maybe the people making the films just happen to have mostly white friends. should there be a Rooney Rule in film?

          1. Batte_A

            “should there be a Rooney Rule in film?”

            That was easy. Thanks for teaching me what the Rooney Rule is!

        2. Bob

          i think you have a valid point, but at the same time, many of the film thesis creators create from their own experience, and if they are white, then they are probably more likely to make a film featuring white people. same goes for Latino, Asian, and Black directors as well. know what i mean?

          1. reply

            sure but by your argument, you could justify the idea that only women should care about fighting for women’s rights, or that only people of color should care about addressing the problems caused by racism. where are all of the allies?

      2. major

        For the record, there are about 3-4 men of color out of the 17 students making thesis films this year. There are also only 4 (all white) female students making films as well.

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