Yet Another Prefrosh Perspective on WesFest: “Everybody Seemed So Optimistic”

“Unlike some colleges, there was no sense of a huge ‘stress’ cloud looming over the student body.”

Yet another prefrosh has written in to share some thoughts on the WesFest experience. For previous prefrosh perspectives, click here or here. Here’s Anna Lu ’17, an incoming freshman who first visited Wesleyan at the age of 12:

No words can properly describe Wesleyan. The first time I came to campus was at the age of 12 for my first championship swim meet. Being stuck at a swim meet for the entire day, I took the liberty to explore this mysterious college campus. As the years went by, I narrowed down the necessities of my future college: I’ve loved the idea of having a small liberal arts college in the northeast, an eclectic student body, and a strong science program. Wes fit that perfectly. I took a recruiting trip during the fall and that solidified all previous notions of it being my top choice.

WesFest was quite the experience; this time it was the big recruiting trip with all accepted students, rather than people who were just interested in applying to Wes. My host was Liyan Yao ’16, a freshman on the swim team. She showed me around and I sat in on a couple of her classes and she’s truly one of the best people I’ve met so far. Being one of the more successful student athletes in the pool, I remember her telling me that she’s going down the pre-med route; and with a sport with such demanding practice/competition hours, it’s amazing how she’s able to handle it all.

I stayed over Thursday night and I really enjoyed Friday, eating lunch on Foss, listening to music and just being entertained by the environment as well as everyone’s presence on a nice afternoon. Everyone on campus was, for lack of a better term, just chill. Unlike some colleges, there was no sense of a huge ‘stress’ cloud looming over the student body, everyone seemed so optimistic (even though some had a lot of work that needed to be finished).

I could not have been happier when I received my acceptance! Can’t wait to be on campus again!

All photos via Olivia Drake and the Wesleyan Connection.

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