Experiencing Palestine II

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Come join your peers and alum Dan Fischer ’11 in discussing their experiences in Palestine this past year. Learn more about the conflict from students’ personal stories.
Featuring Dan Fischer ’11, Natasha Phillips ’14, Carina Kurban ’14, Danny Blinderman ’14 and Samantha Sikder ’14.
Date: Monday, May 6
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: PAC002
Forcebrick: Yee
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Natasha spent a month in Nablus (in the West Bank) teaching English through the organization Project Hope. She spent the preceding semester studying Arabic in Amman, Jordan. A government and economics major at Wesleyan, she has always been interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for academic and personal reasons. In the future she hopes to spend a lot more time in both Israel and Palestine.

Sam taught English with Project Hope (projecthope.ps) in the city of Nablus during winter break, following three months studying abroad in Amman, Jordan. She is an Arabic-studying government major interested in development and human rights in the Middle East. She’ll be returning to Palestine this summer to volunteer and research in Aida Refugee Camp, near Bethlehem.

Carina worked in the Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem over winter break with her family’s nonprofit organization (1for3.org), researching ways to bring better access to clean water to the camp. She is a cultural psychology major studying languages and emotions, and she is especially interested in the many different cultures in Lebanon and Palestine, where her father’s family is from. This summer, she will be returning to Aida Camp in Bethlehem and the Al-Buss refugee camp in Tyre, Lebanon, to volunteer and collect research for her thesis.

Danny visited Ramallah and the village of Taybeh during his fall break in the midst of a five month term studying Hebrew and Conflict reconciliation at the University of Haifa. A College of Social Studies major, he is extremely interested in the Israel-Palestine conflict for both academic and personal reasons. He will be writing his thesis on the relationship between Democracy, Nationalism and Identity, specifically as they relate to Israel and Palestine. This summer he will be in Washington D.C. working and doing research, but he hopes to return to both Israel and Palestine in the near future.

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