Video: The Bea’les Make WestCo Skybridge a Thing Again

Here’s some shoddy video footage from The Bea’les‘ now annual (and sadly under-advertised) performance yesterday afternoon on the WestCo Skybridge, a venue that could always use more love. That’s John Ryan ’14 screaming the McCartney vocals on “Oh! Darling,” and if you squint pretty hard, you can sort of see Mickey Capper ’13 climbing over the fence thing. The image quality is terrible because I had to reduce it in order to be able to upload this video on Wesleyan Internet speed, but on the bright side the sound is pretty good.

The band broke away from its typical one-Beatles-album-in-its-entirety format to perform various highlights from The White Album, Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper’s, and Rubber Soul. Here’s “I’m So Tired”:

Click here for some coverage of last year’s Bea’les performance.

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