Call for Submissions: WEconSent: Stories of Survival, Response and Intervention

WEconSent Zine

Alysha Warren writes in with an empowering and inspiring way for students to describe the impact of sexual violence on their lives through their own artwork or written prose.

WEconSent is soliciting stories from survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking and commentary from the community about these issues.  We invite submissions of poetry, art work, photography and personal narratives from students who have been directly and indirectly affected by this issue to discuss how sexual violence has touched their lives.

The zine will be used in a variety of settings to raise dialogue about sexual violence in all its forms; including sexual harassment, sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking. Your story will have the opportunity to touch the lives of individuals and foster dialogue around these important issues. This project will continue into the fall, but we aim to have a draft for use in Fall 2013 orientation.

More information about how to participate and submission details after the jump.

Deadline: Ongoing, May 30th for inclusion in Fall 2013 issue



Sharing your story with the world can be a difficult but very empowering decision.

 Your words can inform and inspire other survivors and the

Wesleyan community to raise awareness about the issue.


Share your thoughts about rape culture on campus and in general.

How do you keep consent sexy?

What does a campus without violence look like?

Share words of support for survivors.

Tell us your successful bystander intervention story.

Tell us about how you’ve supported a friend, partner or

family member in the aftermath of sexual violence.

Submissions should tell your unique story and what you wish to share with the community. All forms of expression are encouraged (narratives, poetry, artwork, favorite quotations, etc.).  We hope to publish submissions that represent the diversity of Wesleyan: a variety of identities, experiences and responses. The only substantial editing we will do is for any incriminating statements so please avoid naming specific people, clubs or organizations.  Submissions will be published anonymously, unless you indicate you want your name included. We will not publish material that is victim-blaming.

Additional info and submission details here.

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