Lost Kitty on Vine

Monica Tinyo ’13 wants your help:

Hi everyone, please help us bring our cat back home, she lives on Vine Street between Knolls and Cross. She is female black with a white smile on her belly and bright yellow/amber eyes. She is very playful and curious so don’t be afraid to go up and pet/grab her.

If you have information please connect me at mtinyo(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Deadline: As soon as you spot her.
Contact: mtinyo(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
Cost: “Name your price.”

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2 thoughts on “Lost Kitty on Vine

  1. Daniel

    I saw this cat trying to get into freshman Fauver Sunday night around 10-11 oclock, it didn’t have a collar and kept its distance from us so we assumed it was feral. We saw it running down the hill towards vine last. It might not have been your cat, depending on how old yours is. The one we saw was definitely not fully grown. I hope you find it!

    1. meooowww

      Thank you so much! Yeah, she isn’t wearing her collar..we messed up. It sounds like you saw her! She’s pretty small, about 6 pounds, slender build. If anyone gets a closer look, she has a white “smile” marking on her belly.
      Please everyone, call/text if you see her again! THANK YOU!

      (310)259-2799 Jaimie
      (917)612-4659 Isabel
      (310)600-9284 Monica

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