Ice Rink To Be Converted Into Swimming Pool Full of Liquor for Kendrick

Just kidding, there’s no alcohol allowed at Spring Fling again. Sorry.

The bad news, as you know by now if you’ve glanced at your inbox in the last few hours, is that Spring Fling has officially been rained out and moved to the ice rink for the second year in a row. According to my forecast, there’s a 65% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, but even if that 35% chance proves true, Andrus is already a Woodstock-like puddle of mud from today’s downfall. Meanwhile, it’s been nothing but 75 and sunny for the last week until today, because of course it has.

The good news is that the rain might actually wash away my fucking pollen allergies for good if Spring Fling gets rained out next year there will hardly be any students who even remember that it was once a thing on Foss in the first place. The other good news is that Spring Fling Committee has managed to up the floor capacity on the rink, given that far more students are probably going to make the trek for this year’s lineup than did last time around:

Sadly, that does mean no alcohol is allowed in the venue, and as per the usual policy, “any student who shows up severely intoxicated will be turned away at the door,” so pregame responsibly. You can also bring empty Nalgenes, “and water will be provided in cambros” (but no backpacks allowed). Enter on Cross Street; we recommend showing up early in time to catch Girl#$wag opening up the show. No word on how many judicial points you’ll be hit with if you show up in a costume. Also, if anyone knows what “cambros” are, please email our tips line.

Anyway, have a sweet Spring Fling, read our interview with Anamanaguchi, and cue the bad Kendrick puns:

Here’s the full email announcement from Spring Fling Committee:

Dear Wesleyan Students,

Due to inclement weather that threatens the safety of setting up and powering staging and sound equipment, this year’s Spring Fling, Thursday, May 9, 2013 from 1-5 will be moved to the ice rink at the Freeman Athletic Center. We’re doing everything we can to make this indoor experience the best it can possibly be – with funds normally used for fencing and staging, we’re investing in lighting and projection. In addition, we have worked with the Fire Marshall to increase the on the floor capacity in the rink to address last year’s concerns. The show goes on. Doors open at 12:30pm.

As is always the case, the Code of Non Academic Conduct is in effect and members of the community are expected to abide by the policies.  In order to make the event successful, we want you to be aware of what to expect:

  • Students are not allowed on the stage or backstage. Having students on the stage or backstage endangers both students as well as the sound equipment and performers. In addition, performers have the right, by their contract, to stop performing if individuals climb on the stage or try to get backstage. We ask for your assistance by staying off the stage and staying away from backstage to ensure that this Spring Fling isn’t cut short unnecessarily.
  • Alcohol will not be allowed in the Athletic Center Building under any circumstance. Any student who shows up severely intoxicated will be turned away at the door.
  • Anyone who violates the Code will be referred to Student Judicial Board.
  • All students must have a current Wes ID that will be checked for admission and guests must check-in with their hosts and guests must have a valid state ID or passport.
  • Students will be permitted to bring in empty Nalgene’s and water will be provided in cambros. Students will be checked before they are allowed inside.
  • The only entrance to Freeman will be the Cross Street Entrance.

The Spring Fling Committee of the WSA and the Office of Student Activities have worked hard to plan Spring Fling and appreciate your cooperation in making the event successful.

We’ll see you there and hope you enjoy Spring Fling 2013!!

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    Spring fling committee did not get numbers up, the office of student activities (SALD) did.

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