“Water, Water, Everywhere”: Wishing Wells Come to Commencement

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Changes are coming to Reunion and Commencement. Instead of plastic water bottles this year, you will find two water filtration systems, called the “Wishing Wells,” where students can fill a reusable water container.

As you probably have noticed by now, Wesleyan implemented a campus-wide ban on water bottles this past year that has been met with a pretty positive response. Plastic water bottles create environmental waste and, in the words of Melodious, the product “privatizes a public commodity.” Why pay for something you could get for free from the tap in your sink? (And your tap water is probably cleaner and more highly regulated to boot).

In keeping with this new campus policy, R&C will go water-bottle-less. In lieu of selling plastic water bottles, the two student-made Wishing Wells will provide water. Nina Gerona ’15, Tavo True-Alcalá ’15, Brent Packer ’15, and Mads O’Brien ’16 created the winning design and then worked closely with the Wesleyan Machine Shop to build the filtration systems.

Wesleyan will give out 6,000 reusable bottles during the celebrations. If someone does not want to keep the reusable bottle, there will be barrels for collection. The bottles will then be washed and used at other large University events. So, if you’re sticking around for R&C, make sure you keep your water bottle on hand and make good use the Wishing Wells.

According to coverage in HartfordBusiness.com, some of Wesleyan’s peer institutions have been making similar efforts at sustainability:

Quinnipiac University’s efforts to reduce waste have taken a different route, said spokesmen John Morgan.

“Since 2010, we have had areas for students to turn in their caps and gowns after the ceremony, this way they can be used year after year,” said Morgan.

Trinity College in Hartford also is making efforts to encourage recycling while sticking with its very traditional ceremony, said Trinity spokeswomen Michele Jacklin.

“For years, we have put out more recycling bins around campus during graduation weekend to cut down on trash and increase convenience,” said Jacklin.

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      those were rented from an outside company and cost a bajillion dollars. these were designed by wesleyan students

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