WAVES Magazine Volume II Is Here


WAVES Magazine released its second issue last night, the “Senior Edition.”

Editor-in-Chief Kyle Somersall ’13 writes in with a few words on the brand new mag:

This issue highlights 12 members of the Class of 2013 that have been a big part of Wesleyan’s music scene over their four years. There is also a collaboration with Freshleyan (a fashion blog run by Sydney Lowe ’13) and many other great articles. We’re working on getting print copies. Some WAVES members are also handing out stickers so hopefully one lands in your hand and you can spread the love. We hope you enjoy the new issue.

Follow the link to features on up-and-coming artists, the healing powers of Modest Mouse, and interviews with musicians in the class of 2013, among others.

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  1. '12

    I can’t help but find this sort of blatant self-aggrandizing incredibly bizarre.

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