A Final Prefrosh Perspective on WesFest: “Simultaneously Excited and Terrified”

“I still can’t believe that I’ll be living there for the next four years, but I’m looking forward to the adventure.”

Here’s one final transmission from the Class of 2017 on experiencing WesFest last month, sent in by Cloie Logan ’17 of Albuquerque, New Mexico. For previous installments of this series, click here. Here’s Cloie:

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting at WesFest. Being an ED1 student, I guess I just really hoped that I wouldn’t spontaneously change my mind and decide I hated Wesleyan and be reserved to the fact that I’d be “stuck” here for the next year at least.

Thankfully, I was only reassured that Wesleyan was the place for me. President Roth’s welcome speech cancelled out all of the self-doubt sowed by some people back home who found it insane to be moving all the way out to Connecticut from Albuquerque, NM, and not even have a clue what I am going to study yet. But honestly, at this point I’d do anything to get out of this city.

Although my first hosts didn’t end up being the sort of people I’d hang out with (sorry, but Froot Loops-flavored vodka isn’t really my thing), I ended up with some awesome people in Lo Rise who let me chill with them and sleep on the sofa bed. They had a lovely community of which I was glad to be part of for at least a night. In fact, the whole population of Wes is really welcoming and accepting; I think I got unofficial tours from at least three people. There was even an extremely enthusiastic dance major who got super excited that I was a prefrosh interested in dance and gave me directions to the dance building. Someone also tried to set me up with another refrosh during the comedy show in Nics Lounge which was cool I guess?

In any case, I’d have to say that my favorite bit of WesFest was the food. Thursday night, the people I ended up staying with took me to Whey Station of which probably 80% of my freshman weight gain is going to result (the other 20% will come from the cranberry white chocolate walnut dessert bars in Usdan and other assorted Usdan nummies). I haven’t even tried the Falafel Cart yet. At least there’s a kickass athletic center to spend all those extra calories I’m likely to accumulate.

Attending WesFest has made me feel simultaneously more excited and more terrified to start college. Before we arrived, my stepdad expressed how it’s a bit odd to be visiting, as if I’m just saying “Hello, new home!” before I move there in four months. It’s a tad weird. I still can’t completely believe that I’ll be living there for the next four years, but I’m still looking forward to the adventure.

All photos via Olivia Drake and the Wesleyan Connection.

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