The 2013 Thesis Film Screenings

The Wesleyan Thesis Films 2013 – Trailer from Ethan Young on Vimeo.

The screenings of the 2013 Thesis films are this weekend. All showings are in the Goldsmith Family Cinema. 16mm is Friday 8pm, Sunday 2pm. Digitals are Saturday and Sunday at 8pm. Tickets are $5. They are sold on a first come, first serve basis, limited to one per person, and go on sale 45 minutes before showtime.

Important note: The film screenings did not sell out last year either of the opening nights. Although many folks show up especially early to get good seats, please do not let that discourage you from arriving much closer to the showtime. We want as many people as humanely possible to enjoy our films.

On each night of the film screenings we will announce on the Facebook event page when/if the tickets have sold out. If you do not see a post on there, assume that seats are still available and come down.

The screening order is:

16mm program (Friday 8pm, Sunday 2pm):

Benjamin A. Smith
“Pearly Whites (Work In Progress)” – Animation

Alexander Hunt
“The Site” – Digital

Stefan Skripak
“Mysterious Ways”

Jenna Robbins
“My Fictional Boyfriend”

Gabriel Urbina
“Sing A Little Song With Me”

Dema Paxton Fofang

Christopher McNabb

Augustin Vita
“Round Six”

Ethan Young

Digitals (Saturday and Sunday at 8pm):
Scott Kan
“High + Dry”

Jack Coyne

Beck Kitsis
“Plastic & Pine”

Chachi Hauser

Julia Baritz
“Save Our Souls”

Lucas San Juan
“Resist The End (in 60p)”

Daniel Witkin

Michael Steves
“Great Party, Marie”

Sam Barth

Will Feinstein
“You Deserve Better”

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