WesRave 2013

From Katya Botwinick ’13:

It’s baaaaaaaack.

Last year 300-400 weskids came out one fateful night to dance in a silent rave. It was massive. So we’re going to do it again, for no other reason but to celebrate the end of the year and enjoy a huge dance party.

The concept of a silent rave is fairly simple. One only needs a pair of headphones and an mp3 player of sorts. Tonight we will publicly post a playlist based on students’ suggestions (through dropbox or other platforms) that anyone can download for free. Then on Friday May 10th, we will congregate on the grassy steps behind Olin and press play together at 11:15pm sharp (come at 11 if you want to get your hands on some glowsticks, we have 900 for the taking). The playlist will be one file so if you get out of synch or arrive late, 11:15 is the official start time and you can play the file at whatever minute we are on. It sounds a little funky, but it enables us to have a giant dance party outside that won’t attract noise complaints–and we can move around campus. So break out your tutus, capes, onesies, beads, and crazy outfits ((((KEEP WES WEIRD))))

THIS IS NOT TOUR DE FRANZIA. DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL TO THIS EVENT. The only reason we were able to pull this off last year was because everyone who participated was respectful and not belligerently drunk. We were working with Public Safety and even the Middletown Police to safely guide everyone around campus, and we had zero problems because students cooperated. One of the lessons that we learned last year is it’s not safe to cross any major roads, so the rave will only be traveling around the central part of campus (Andrus, CFA, College Row, etc.). This is not an event to get wasted and be destructive, please do not ruin the dance party for everyone else.  We will have a crew of weskids wearing neon bandanas that will guide the dance party around.  If we see you damaging property or carrying alcohol, we will have to ask you to leave.

Date: Tonight, May 10
Time: 11:15 p.m., 11 if you want glowsticks
Place: Olin steps
FB event.

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5 thoughts on “WesRave 2013

  1. zzz

    Is it possible to post a link to the playlist here? I don’t use Facebook, so I can’t access the event page!


    UPDATE: We have been asked to stay off of the athletic fields (especially the baseball field and lacrosse field). The baseball team has a tournament this weekend and a stampede of students might ruin the field. There will be a crew of weskids decked out in neon yellow armbands/bandanas that will direct you where to go. PLEASE FOLLOW OUR DIRECTIONS. We cannot go inside buildings, cross any major roads, or go on the athletic fields–if we do, the organizers will get in serious trouble :(

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