WESFLIX Short Film Festival


From Rizky Rahadianto ’15:

Just like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Solo (nee Organa) bravely fought the Empire, so did Wesflix fight the power of those opposed to promiscuous filmmaking.

A small collective of sophomores have banded together to present a collection of pieces done solely out of love for the craft and dedication to the arts. Each work is a student production from start to finish, the vision of each artist in its purest form.

You could treat this as your pre-game to the Digital Thesis Film Screening and Film Ball in your filmy weekend. We wouldn’t be offended.

Will Slap Presents: Prometheus IV
Daniel Fuchs Presents: Confession
Emma Gross and Ariel Jacobson Present: Flushed
Rebecca Wyzan Presents: Heart
Danielle Pruitt Presents: Rated PeeG
Sarah Corey Presents: Ice Cream Revisited
Andreas Streuli and Reid Hildebrand Present: The Bird and the Capybara
Hannah Rimm Presents: In The Absence of Snow
Rizky Rahadianto Presents: Risky Bushiness
Joe Gonzalez Presents: Gardenia
Ananya Menon Presents: Stripped Down: An Inside Look at Up-and-Coming Talent

We also would like to mention our other members who have helped so much in the production of these films:

Alexis Moh
Noah Y Masur
Nicole E Klein
Nathaniel J Klingher
Jeffrey W Kasanoff
Aaron S Kalischer-Coggins
Matthew S Hixon
Carly E Ciricillo
Michael A Kardjian
Katey J Spinner
Tristan T Bass-Krueger

Seats are very limited (Film Hall is not Goldsmith with its fancy screen and seating yoooo). So come 5 mins before 5pm!

Date: Today, May 11
Time: 5 p.m.
Place: Film Hall (Nics 6 Basement)
Cost: FREE
FB event.

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