WESRAVE: 3:00 AM Retrospective


So the second (apparently now annual) WesRave went down, ending around 1:00 a.m. Here’s a brief recap and some photos.

We weren’t allowed to go on any major roads or the athletic fields, so we kind of made a loop around campus. It went as such: 

  1. Foss Hill (starting point)
  2. CFA Parking Lot –> green near Crowell
  3. Labyrinth
  4. CFA Green
  5. X-House
  6. North College
  7. Lawn near Alpha Delt
  8. PAC
  9. Olin Terrace
    • Then at this point, the rave somehow split. I ended up with about 1/4 of the rave at the base of Foss Hill and was kind of distressed and confused by the fact that so many people had gone home. But then…
  10. CFA (again); met up with the other 3/4 of the rave
  11. North College (again)
  12. Olin Terrace (again)
  13. Foss Hill (again)
  14. CFA Green (again)
  15. North College (again again)
  16. South College
  17. PAC (again)
  18. Olin Front Steps
  19. Olin Terrace (LAST TIME)

Send us your photos, videos, and stories about WesRave! Send them to staff[at]wesleying.org and/or bzodonnell[at]wesleyan.edu. See photos of last year’s WesRave here.

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10 thoughts on “WESRAVE: 3:00 AM Retrospective

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  3. Ari Ebstein

    this should replace spring fling, and that money which we spent on security and big name rappers whose lyrics you couldn’t hear (except when they were talking about Bad Bitches of Patron) should be directed to financial aid. spring fling concert could just be like the Mash the first week of school this year, which was awesome and way free.

    honestly, i felt so much more a part of my school last night than I did during the mass, corporate, securitized, impersonal, barriered performance Kendrick and crew put on. they’re great artists, to be sure, not trying to hate on any of them — but the setting could have been a fucking arena in Idaho for christ sake, so uncreative and not a place for school spirit. that plus a whole lot of people didn’t get in… that plus a million more problems, basically yea — WesRave > Spring Fling, $$$ for Financial Aid > $$$ for Corporate Rap Artists

  4. FoodforThought

    I think WesRave shows that Wesleyan students can do fun, campus-wide events at night, follow rules and restrictions, and not wreak havoc. I was really impressed with how responsible and thoughtful a lot of people were last night. People would stop and help out with finding dropped iPods and iPhones and directed people away from the baseball field. Maybe we aren’t as bad as the TDF and Science Center articles make us out to be?

  5. '15

    It was super fun but would’ve been better if we had done some illegal stuff and pissed off, or at least confused, psafe/admin/mpd a bit. that did add another level of fun to it last year

    1. '14

      This is exactly the kind of attitude that makes me so ready to be gone from Wesleyan, and I’ve still got a year to go. Never — ever — does my level of fun depend on being an ass to someone else and making their job harder. Will you please notice that psafe/admin/mpd are real goddamn people?

      1. Ross '15

        I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable. And I realize that this wasn’t the mission of the organizers of the wesrave. I was a participant though, and I do have a deep resentment of the Wesleyan administration, PSafe, and the Middletown Police. I realize they are people, and I am sure there are many kind and good-hearted people in all three–however, I do think it’s a righteous and useful thing to make it more difficult for people to carry out their jobs when their jobs hurt people. The administration seems intent on controlling our lives in, while certainly not all-encompassing ways, some very strange ways that seem to stem from managing Wesleyan’s brand image and fear of being sued, along with, perhaps, just the sick, manic attitude of always needing to “do something” that Wesleyan often produces in people. (And that’s one of many issues…another major one being that the average Wes student leaves with $30K in debt and all the admin can do is give lame excuses for not being more creative and courageous, while cutting need blind….) PSafe’s existence makes me very uncomfortable–on the one hand, it privileges Wesleyan students
        by giving us a certain distance from MPD…so we won’t go to jail for having weed and that sort of thing (not that I want that for anyone, but we’ve got to acknowledge that this separates us from our neighbors). On the other hand, it makes targets out of many of those neighbors and even Wesleyan students, through profiling, forced hospitalization, brutality, and fear. As for Middletown Police……well, I’d like to avoid cooperation with an organization that regularly tases people and when someone happens to die from that tasing, says that they’re “rough, but they get the job done.” (along with other brutality, profiling, etc that’s happened over the years) I would like to respect and work with all of these people as individuals, to love them as people, yet I do not want the institutions they are part of to do their jobs. And so when an event that’s really fun and exciting and totally wonderful (I did have such a good time last night!) by itself can be a little disruptive to the normal operations of these kinds of sick organizations, that does add something to the experience.

        1. joe

          You do realize that aggravating tensions by being malicious for the sake of it only helps turn PSafe/Middletown police into exactly what you hate? They’re not going to disband the police/campus security just because they have a tough time, but if students bring a confrontational attitude to encoutners, so will they.

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