Procrastination Destination: Mars


Are you about to graduate with a bullshit degree and no job? Are you horrified by how expensive rent is these days? Do you just want to leave it all behind? Have you considered life on Mars?

Seriously, though. Wanna go to Mars?

Mars One is a not-for-profit organization run by Dutch people (of all people) dedicated to colonizing Mars in 2023. They apparently will be able to do this only using technology which currently exists, because unlike other plans to send people to Mars, this does not include a return flight.

You may ask, what kind of maniac would volunteer for such a thing? The answer is this kind of maniac. Because, of course, all the application videos are available online for your viewing, rating, and commenting pleasure. In case you were in any doubt, the world is full of strange, strange people.

The whole website is worth checking out, for the weird colonial rhetoric and also for merch (Mars One hoodies, anyone?). They have a pretty extensive FAQ section, where they address such questions as “Is this for real?”, “What are the risks of dust and sand on Mars?”, “Is this ethical?”, and “How can I donate with Bitcoin?” Personally, I’m a little worried that they don’t seem to have a contingency plan for when everyone on Mars eventually starts fucking each other because let’s face it, Mars sex is going to be a thing.

Here’s the link. Enjoy.

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