Wesleyan Band The Japanese will do Funny Things for You if You Help Pay for Their Next EP

Incoming news from The Japanese, a 1/3 Japanese-American band composed of Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Neo Sora ’14, and Dan Moakley ’13 (and back in the day, Will Solomon ’13, who has unfortunately dropped off the face[book] of the earth):

We’re the Japanese. Some of you may know us from various shows around campus. We’ve been together since freshman year, and now that our time here is coming to an end, we wanted to release a professionally recorded EP. We’ve already started the recording process at a studio in New York, but due to monetary constraints, we are far from finishing it. We’ve explored all avenues with raising money with the school and on our own, but we need your help! Please check out our kickstarter page. We greatly appreciate any contributions and check out our rewards including “dress up Neo,” “quiche by Dan,” or “meat with Adrien.”

Hop to it, folks. A lot of these gifts are pretty time- and location-specific (there are only two Finals Week Specials left!), so you should help out for the story, even if you hate this band a whole lot or are just mad that they opened for Linus back in the day. I get along fine with ’em myself, but hey.

Got a creative project of your own that you’d like help funding? As long as it’s Wes-relevant, feel free to let us know, especially if you don’t know us, because we would be kidding ourselves if we ignored that people who happen to know regular Wesleying contributors pretty well just happen to have a much better chance of ending up on the blog frequently, and even though there’s not really intent to do this people who do work that doesn’t get put up on Wesleying often rightly feel shorted, and so we probably should do a better job of reaching out to underrepresented artists on Wesleying, but in the meantime please don’t feel intimidated to just shoot us an email about whatever it is we’re doing that we’re fools for not knowing about and maybe we’ll stop being fools so much.

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2 thoughts on “Wesleyan Band The Japanese will do Funny Things for You if You Help Pay for Their Next EP

  1. alum '11

    you can’t call your band the japanese. you can’t call your band apache kid. what the fuck are they even teaching you there anymore.

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