Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Not Your Average Cat Photo

If you have ever been on the Internet, you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon of cat photos. Whether you frequent Buzzfeed on the daily or had a middle school aged tryst with icanhascheezburger (or your stepmother shaved your cat last summer so it wouldn’t shed on everything you own), you know that funny cat photos are everywhere.

You might not be as familiar with the world of non-lolcat photography, or what some people call Professional Cat Photography. Emily Moody ’15 showed me this article while we were studying in an empty classroom in Fisk, so you know it’s a bona fide procrastination destination. At first I thought it was some comedic genius on par with one of the funniest movies of all time, Best In Show. I was mistaken. This is the real deal, folks. There is a company called Chanan (less fun than Chana, but perhaps more absurd), comprised of a husband and wife team who professionally photograph cats.

I don’t really have words to articulate how baffled I am by the entire thing, but I did derive some great procrastinating from perusing this cat-photography-went-awry story. Usually Chanan’s photos are ~*works of art*~ but this Mr. Biscuit just didn’t make the cut. According to the photographer, “Mr. Biscuit is the worst subject I’ve ever had, aside from that one tabby in San Diego. I might not have a single usable shot here.” Some of my favorite details from the story are that Mr. Biscuit’s sire is named Mr. Sassy Mist (which I might start calling my dad this summer) and the little piece of cat food on the fork in this photo.

Check out the story, good luck with your finals, and pay no mind to those turds who have already finished their exams and are chillin’ on Foss.

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      agreed. i’m not even sure which is supposed to help me procrastinate

      -disappointed cat lover

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