Procrastination Destination: Siblings or Dating and Steak House or Gay Bar

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For the last procrastination destination of the year, we bring you two rather similar and, again, rather self-explanatory websites: Siblings or Dating and Steak House or Gay Bar.

Siblings or Dating features pictures of people, generally who look alike, and asks you to vote on whether you think they are siblings or a couple. Frustratingly, it does not actually tell you what the answer is, but does tell you how many other people selected the ones that you chose.

Steak House or Gay Bar (see image above) is equally self-explanatory: the website gives you a name and you have to use your deductive reasoning to determine whether it is a steak house or a gay bar. It will tell you where the (steak house | gay bar) happens to be, and also what percentage of people also got the answer right or wrong. The website keeps a running tally so that you know what percentage of your guesses have been correct. It… is surprisingly difficult. I will tell you, however, that Loading Zone is indeed a gay bar.

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4 thoughts on “Procrastination Destination: Siblings or Dating and Steak House or Gay Bar

  1. no_name

    You can see the correct answer on “Siblings or Dating” if you click the “more…” hyperlink beneath the Polldaddy poll on each post.
    (Currently 0 for 3…)

  2. anon15

    The sibling or dating one is frustrating. Me and my sibling always get confused for a couple. It’s so annoying and awkward to explain to those who ask.

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