The Trustees Are Coming, The Trustees Are Coming

Here’s how to contact them to talk about your feelings or whatever.

Pictured: Joshua S. Boger ’73, chairman of Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees.

Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees will be arriving on campus tomorrow for their annual three-day Buffy marathon Senior Week meeting, which traditionally takes place in the days leading up to Reunion & Commencement. Got a concern that you’d like the Board to address? Want to talk to them about your feelings? Just curious who is on that committee that makes all those decisions about campus in the first place? You can access a full list of the names, class years (nearly all are alumni), home states, and job titles of the Board members here, but unfortunately no contact information is provided, which is kind of weird when you really think about it. We’ve taken the liberty of amassing the Board members’ names and email addresses so you can contact them with thoughts or requests in advance of their meeting, which begins tomorrow:

K. Tucker Andersen ’63, P’95, Owner, Above All Advisors, LLC, moneymanag(at)aol(dot)com

Carlton B. Barnswell ’83, P’14, Physician/Urologist, Advanced Urology Centers of New York, cbarnswell(at)imppllc(dot)com

Joshua S. Boger ’73, P’06, P’09, Founder and CEO (Retired), Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, joshua.boger(at)gmail(dot)com

Phoebe C. Boyer ’89, Executive Director, Tiger Foundation, phoebe.boyer(at)gmail(dot)com

James M. Citrin P’12, P’14, Senior Director, Spencer Stuart, jcitrin(at)spencerstuart(dot)com

Elizabeth “Beezer” Clarkson ’94COO & Managing Director, SAP Ventures, eclarkson(at)mba2000(dot)hbs(dot)edu

Robert J. Donaldson II ’93, Associate Professor of History, University Of South Carolina, bdonaldson(at)sc(dot)edu

Geoffrey M. Duyk ’80, TPG Growth, geoff(at)dyuk(dot)com

Diana Farrell ’87, Director and Head, McKinsey Center for Government, McKinsey & Company, dianamfarrell(at)gmail(dot)com

John B. Frank ’78, P’12, Managing Principal, Oaktree Capital Management, L.P., jfrank(at)oaktreecapital(dot)com

Karen J. Freedman ’75, P’05, Executive Director, Lawyers for Children, Inc., kfreedman(at)lawyersforchildren(dot)org\

Irma V. Gonzalez ’78, P’09, Zoen Resources, irmavgonzalez(at)gmail(dot)com

Miguel Guadalupe ’98, Director, Gartner Inc., miguel.guadalupe98(at)gmail(dot)com

Joyce Y. Hall ’78, Executive Director, Federation of County Networks, Inc., Jyhall.assocs1(at)verizon(dot)net

Darryl B. Hazel ’70, P’03, Senior Vice President (Retired), Ford Motor Company, 1dhazel0(at)gmail(dot)com

Ellen Jewett ’81, Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets, ellenjewett1(at)gmail(dot)com

 Daphne Kwok ’84Executive Director, Asians & Pacific Islanders with Disabilities of California, daphne522(at)hotmail(dot)com

Michael S. Lewis ’03, Senior Managing Director, Teach for America, michael.lewis(at)teachforamerica(dot)org

Frederick C. Maynard III ’80, P’11, Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners, LLC, ereidy(at)harbourvest(dot)com

Hirut M’cleod ’00Management Consultant, World Bank Institute, hirutmc(at)me(d0t)com

Donna S. Morea ’76, P’06, President, U.S., Europe and Asia (Retired), CGI, dsmorea(at)gmail(dot)com

Linda E. Rappaport ’74, Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP, lrappaport(at)gmail(dot)com

David L. Resnick ’81, P’13, President, Third Avenue Management, LLC, dlresnick11(at)gmail(dot)com

David L. Rosenblum ’75, Principal, NMD-Consulting Corporate Development, Deloitte Consulting LLP, drosenblum75(at)gmail(dot)com

Michael S. Roth ’78President, Wesleyan University, mroth(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Amy Schulman ’82, P’11, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Pfizer, Inc., NY, awschulman(at)gmail(dot)com

Jeffrey Shames ’77, Executive in Residence, MIT Sloan School of Management, jeffreyshames(at)gmail(dot)com

Frank V. Sica ’73Managing Partner, Tailwind Capital, frank.sica(at)menemshacpl(dot)com

Shonni J. Silverberg ’76, Professor of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, sjs5(at)columbia(d0t)edu

Warren ”Renny” C. Smith Jr. ’78, Managing Partner, Staley Capital Management, rsmith(at)staleycapital(dot)com

Adam Usdan ’83, Founder, President and General Partner, Trellus Management Co., LLC, ausdan(at)trellus(dot)com

Bradley Whitford ’81, Actor/bad guy in Billy Madisonwhitfordb(at)mac(dot)com

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    1. Chance the Rapper

      come on, these are serious jobs for serious pple!! Would you really want a bunch of hippie artist freaks making important decisions about financial business??

    1. alum

      I don’t know what’s worse – the “moneymanag” part or the “” part

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