Le1f Heats Up Eclectic


“Whoa!!! This music is…*phew*… this music is awesome! I can’t believe I’m seeing … oh my god … I can’t believe I’m seeing Le1f live. Wow, it’s really hot in here. Anyone else really hot? Ya? Got some gum? I gotta chew something…”

That was a sample of what was being said during the Le1f concert last Wednesday at Eclectic. That’s alright, though. It was wayyyyy too hot, drunk students kept stomping the wires out of their sockets, and many couldn’t get in because it was at a constant capacity, but I haven’t seen drug-addled Wes kids get that sweaty and downright grimy since — well, since I was lucky enough to get on the rink early for Kendrick. It’s been too long.

For those smart enough to come early to guarantee some standing room and see the early sets, you would’ve heard the deep bass from FXWRK (Coral Foxworth ’15) fill eclectic. Following her was the return of the drippiest Wes Alum, Cybergiga (Sam Lyons ’12 [do I need to bring up this picture again??]) whose masterful DJ technique, which has noticeably improved since leaving the warm fuzzy Wes nest, rocked the house. Afterwards, New York rapper, Cakes da Killa, came in and made the whole place bounce when he graced the stage.

All the acts were amazing, but of course no one made the place bump quite like Le1f, or Khalif Diouf ’11, who came in to Eclectic and wrecked the place like a natural disaster. The stage was flooded with people, debris was everywhere, and everyone was so sweaty that there might as well have been a small tropical storm roll through. From the beginning to the explosive Le1f anthem, “Wut”, everyone was on their feet shaking what their mothers had bestowed to them at birth.

For the unlucky souls not here at Wes legally or illegally, check out these artists and their work.

FXWRK has this nice and shiny soundcloud. Cybergiga has this Soundcloud. Cakes the Killa has a Soundcloud and a Bandcamp where you can get his new album, The Eulogy, for your own price (support good music plzzzz). And of course Le1f also has a Soundcloud and recently released a new EP Fly Zone.

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