R&C Tent Party Recap

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If you’ve never stayed for Reunion & Commencement weekend, the idea of a party in a tent might have raised an eyebrow; but those who are familiar with the event surely know better. The annual tent party was located in a ginormous tent on Andrus, which, to my terribly inaccurate estimation, felt even larger than a football field. The music was performed by a band featuring several Wes alums, Kinky Spigot and the Welders, known as “an unstoppable cosmic force of booty-crunching goodness” who certainly didn’t disappoint.

The tent party culminated a long week of parties all over campus as anticipation for the big day continued to build despite the weather’s lack of cooperation. Not only was there crowd surfing, mosh pitting, and all around jamming, but everyone seemed to know the words to every song, creating some truly special moments. Beisdes the Diana Ross cover of I’m Coming Out that caused Rama “a literal endorphin overload”, the performance of MGMT’s Kids elevated the energy in the room tent to a level I didn’t think possible. It was such an amazing experience to have Wesleyan alums (both the ones who could pass as students and the ones who look like your grandparents), the graduating class, current Weskids, and most importantly Joss Whedon ’87 (who is actually a real person and  came out to a lot of events this weekend, who knew?!) all in the same place, dancing to the same music and creating shared memories. 

As the last song finally faded out after the encore, the chanting of the Wesleyan fight song gradually rose to full volume as literally every person at the party began to join in. Though that was definitely the most intense production of the fight song I have ever been a part of, it was also the most bitter sweet. Once the song was over and people began shuffling around figuring out what party to go to next, the smiles that came from “GO WES!” slowly disappeared. Many seniors began to get nostalgic, as the reality of the following day slowly set in. The Class of 2013 are certainly kids no longer.


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