Wesleyan’s 181st Commencement Ceremony [Liveblog]

Our-dear-leader graduates

After a week of downtime, debauchery, and some wholesome activities, Wesleyan’s 181st Commencement Ceremony is finally here! More generally, after four years of friendships made, lost, hearts broken, lessons learned, and all that other stuff Pres Michael Roth will probably mention in his opening speech, the Class of 2013 is graduating. The Commencement speaker is Joss Whedon ’87; Majora Carter ’88 and Jim Dresser ’63 will receive honorary degrees. People will be wearing funny robes. For those of you who can’t make it, we (Samira, pyrotechnicsand BZOD) will be live-blogging the event with love, admiration, and support of those graduating (and not that much cheekiness). You can also see a live WesCast of the ceremony here. Read liveblog updates after the jump. Update: Pictures also after the jump. Better quality, more majestic photos from R&C weekend are on the Wesleyan Flickr

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2 thoughts on “Wesleyan’s 181st Commencement Ceremony [Liveblog]

  1. Mickey

    To clarify, I was not trying to be all stubborn and special by only walking to “Mickey”, but rather was simply too delirious from sr week and hi-fiving joss whedon to realize my name had been called.

    1. Zach

      To clarify, I turned to Paul Silverman ’13 at that instant and, in a moment of panic, wondered if the “Michael Capper” I have been emailing and gchatting all these years is an individual other than “Mickey Capper.”

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