Adrien And William Reunite For “Let’s Do Us” Music Video

Days since last Will Feinstein ’13 incident: 12. Seriously, this guy just graduated and he still hasn’t given up on trying to dominate the Wesleyan music scene— Wesleying has its own tag specifically for him. That stuff’s reserved for big shots only. And this Adrien DeFontaine ’13 guy ain’t no slouch, either: You last saw him playing as part of the band Tonsil Hockey in their debut video, directed by – you guessed it – Will Feinstein.

But arguably their most popular musical collaboration – one which landed them onto the NECN Morning Show – was with each other. After all the success of last year’s clever party anthem “Ain’t Tryna Say Goodnight,” Adrien feat. William has reunited for another Senior Week pop song, “Let’s Do Us.” It has everything: People taking swigs of orange juice right from the bottle, a chorus of people going “Aayyy,” Will Feinstein without a shirt, #captions, and that thing where people sing directly to a camera.

“Let’s Do Us” also reunites the hit-writing team of Henry Molofsky ’13Danny Sullivan ’13 and Will Feinstein ’13, along with Neo Sora ’14 as director of photography, Stefan Skripak ’13 as video producer, and Chris McNabb ’13 as “crew.” The resulting song is pretty classic 00’s pop, and Adrien is all about that auto-tune. The whole thing was done outdoors, backlit by the headlights of a Jeep, and it has the usual assemblage of party-going friends, snap-back hats, and references to girls who don’t wear sleeves. According to Will Feinstein:

The song is a sequel to our song from last year, “Ain’t Tryna Say Good Night.” We wanted to get everyone together again before we graduated and do something very similar to that video, but a little bit bigger. Everyone who worked on the old one returned to the shoot (and the video), plus many new faces.
We shot it in the backyard of 102 Knowles in about 4 hours one night about a week and a half ago.

Although the entirety of the tune lives up to the silly and easy-going legacy of “Ain’t Tryna,” the best line award is probably going to Will Feinstein for “I’m gonna steal your love / Winona Ryder your heart away,” although the “no press is bad press” line made me chuckle. And the best cameo appearance goes to A-Batte‘s face, on one of those awesome “Anwar Says Keep Wes Weird” T-shirts that I never got my hands on.

I’ll give the final words on this to the ever-eloquent Will Feinstein, once again:

It was super fun and we’re gonna miss Wesleyan a whole lot.

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5 thoughts on “Adrien And William Reunite For “Let’s Do Us” Music Video

  1. Onyx

    the only bad part about this video is that it came out too late for Adrien to get that wescam bump, namsaying????

    1. maybe i'm wrong but

      Don’t really see how someone could summon the passion to shit on it- comes off as being just for fun, not inviting critique from an artistic/musical standpoint. which is nice! wespeople should do more silly things like this. self-indulgence is a lot more tolerable when its sole purpose is fun, I think.

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