Short Film about Margarine [and much more?]

Grace Nix ’15, independent of Kerry Nix ’15 who is not a film major like her sister, made a short film called “Margarine Call – the Serious Short Film,” which I gather is about (*spoiler alert*?) an ordinary girl living her very ordinary life except for the fact that she carries around a tub of margarine everywhere she goes. Watch it yourself for the more serious reveals. From Grace Nix:

I made this film because of what Jason George Costanza Alexander said.  He said, “There’s no reason you can’t be working every day.”  And he was right–there’s no reason you can’t be margarine every day.  I wrote the screenplay last summer and worked with Elizabeth Litvitskiy(’15) in the weeks after spring break to pull it all together.  The lovely Mitchell Stone(’16) and Noah Masur(’15) worked long hours for absolutely no money so we could finish this right.  We finished up with filming during senior week… and here it is.
Danielle Pruitt(’15), Emma Lautz(’15), and Kerry Nix(’15) worked crew. Emma Lautz and Ben Zucker also played relatively small, but strong, acting roles.  This could not have been accomplished without the Save-A-Lot in Meriden, Connecticut.  And Bruce Springsteen.
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2 thoughts on “Short Film about Margarine [and much more?]

  1. Michael F

    Hobo Ben’s remains are in that margarine tub.

    Alternatively, she’s a ghost and her own remains are in the margarine tub.

    Alternatively, she’s a patient Dr. Mitchell couldn’t save due to an illness he realized too late was margarine-based. She now haunts him in the smiling face of every tub of margarine he sees, and this is all in his guilt-wracked mind.

    Alternatively, Elizabeth and Noah are a divorced couple. After Elizabeth birthed a margarine tub baby, the stress led to a divorce, and Noah left Elizabeth with the margarine baby. They are moving past this, and are learning to love Baby Margy together. They even keep their baby in bed as they make love.

    Alternatively, this is all Hobo Ben’s gallon-of-water-induced dream. He’s so over-hydrated, he’s having feverish dreams of his favorite butter-alternative and the woman he loves from afar becoming one entity in the Elizabeth we see in the movie.

    Alternatively, Grace and Elizabeth are both wonderful nutters. Rock rock on, you two.

    1. R Ebert

      Isn’t it obvious? Noah answered Elizabeth’s phone and was given confidential information by her doctor, MEANING (and I work in a doctor’s office so I know this to be fact) that Noah IS Elizabeth. They are two sides of the same coin, two of a dissociative narcissist’s multiple personalities. The margarine represents the intersection of these personalities, i.e., the fact that they like to have sex with each other, and thus with themself. Can’t you see from the way Elizabeth eye-fucks herself in the mirror? Margarine equals self-love, a disease that can never replace the true butter of a loving male-female marriage-type relationship; Elizabeth forgoing margarine for butter in preparing their post-coital prandium is her transformation as the protagonist. She is ready to abandon the artificial love that is auto-stimulation by one of her other personalities, and embrace the all-natural, cow-teat-produced love that awaits in Ben’s stinky embrace.

      Also she has objectophilia, which is represented by her opening the mirror to reveal the bottle of pills, and alternatively by that time she eye fucks the wall by the loading dock.

      Pretty perverted stuff. As a film critic, I love that shit.

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