On Campus Job with The Argus

argusFrom Christina Norris ’14:

Want to enhance your resume? The Argus, Wesleyan’s student-run newspaper, is looking for a reliable, organized student for its new Ad Manager. The position is paid and allows for early move in in the fall.

Responsibilities include sorting incoming advertisement requests,reaching out to local businesses, and communicating with the production staff.

Date: August 25 – December 13
Place: Argus Office

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3 thoughts on “On Campus Job with The Argus

  1. EatsTheBestPizza

    clearly failed campaign for office. and underemployed enough to be posting on this shit as a “grownup.” glad to see your fancy liberal arts degree is serving you well in your new job as a below average troll.

  2. JiantJoint

    Is the job open to 30 year old under employed alums who, while they may have only written one Argus article, may have worked as a journalist at a “grownup” newspaper? [Note: The alum may or may not be pissed at the Argus for not covering said alum’s campaign for public office, while Wesleying Of Course did, because The Argus is a joke and Wesleying is the shit.]

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