Fall Concert Bookings


Don’t sit around and mope if you haven’t liked the concerts that have come to Wesleyan this past year; start booking better ones! Chelsie Green ’14 drops by with a way for you to get involved:

If you’ve booked a show before, you can take advantage of the opportunity to book a show now for the first part of the fall semester. Feel free to check any dates between September 5 and October 17 — preferably a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.

Please email ctgreen@wes, chickox@wes, and ehill@wes with your proposal. Include info about the act(s), potential dates, and what venue you are thinking of using. We’ll be working on a “first come, first serve” basis like we do during the school year, and with only a percentage of our budget.

Remember: if you don’t participate, you don’t get to complain!

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