Score Free Food & Write About It for WesStuffed


Are you at Wesleyan for the summer? Bummed by your limited on-campus dining options/money supply? Not to worry; your next seitan wrap is only 45 days away. But until then, you can earn some free food – and get to know some restaurants in the Middletown area – by writing for WesStuffed. Ari Rudess ’15 and Alex Irace ’15 write in:

Have you ever wanted to eat a bunch of free cupcakes, make friends with someone who owns a restaurant, or write a published article? Good news! Now you can! If you’re on campus this summer, WesStuffed, Wesleyan’s official food blog, is looking for students who are currently at Wesleyan and want to go down to some of our favorite Middletown restaurants and chat with the owners about what’s happened while the rest of the student body has been away. Free food is a high possibility. Meeting an awesome person and publishing an article are definites. If you’re interested, hit us up at info[at]wesstuffed[dot]com. The sooner the better!

WHERE: on campus/in the Middletown area
WHY: food, potentially lots of it. The best thing since free pizza on Foss.

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