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From Hannah Baker ’14 and Eric Lopez ’15:

Want to book and/or help out with concerts on campus? JOIN RPMU a.k.a. The Artists Formerly Known As Radical Performance Machine + Underdog!

Danny Brown, How To Dress Well,  Sweater Beats, Prince Rama, Sinkane, Delicate Steve and many more rocked Wes in the last year alone. RPM & UNDERDOG were the booking groups that made those and most of the other shows you saw around campus last year happen…RPMU is the booking group that is going to make sure that shows like that keep happening on campus. The two groups have decided to come together to streamline the booking process and help students interested in the live music scene at Wes get involved. We’d like to invite anyone and everyone interested in concert booking, music journalism, graphic design, or concert videography/photography/audio recording etc. etc. to come join the team!

If you have ever been interested in bringing your favorite artist to play at Wesleyan or would like to get involved in concert design and promotion on campus, WE ARE HERE TO HELP WITH THAT! Freshman are more than welcome to join!

Email us at radpmu[at]gmail[dot]com to hear about our first meeting happening in early September where we’ll further outline what we do, what we’ve done, and what we want to get done.

RPMU is headed by Hannah Baker ‘14 and Eric Lopez ’15. If you have any pressing/immediate questions about booking artists for the Fall, you can contact us at our Wes emails: hbaker[at]wesleyan[dot]edu & elopez01[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or directly at radpmu[at]gmail[dot]com. Questions welcome, new ideas encouraged!

Correction 7/29/13: “A previous version of this article had listed bands that were not booked by either underdog or RPM in the past school year. Those artists have been taken out and I apologize for any confusion.” – Eric Lopez ’15

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8 thoughts on “Book Shows @Wes w/ RPMU

  1. Wanted SKRILLEX 4 Fling!


  2. Tip 3

    to be clear, most concerts were underdog and eclectic last year while rpm was entirely inactive. please be honest about your student group’s involvement.

    1. helpful tip 4

      rpm was not entirely inactive last year–it supplied the lights for basically every show on campus, helped pay sound co-op workers, and helped new bookers negotiate with agents. get your facts straight.

      1. OSF

        Preciate those lights but your credibility is gonna take a hit when you throw out false information. Don’t be doing that.

      2. ok

        right. rpm was entirely inactive as a booking group. as far as the other stuff goes, thanks, I guess.

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