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At some point in your career at Wesleyan, The Argus just won’t come out soon enough or – heaven forbid – Wesleying won’t update quick enough for you to get some vital update or piece of news. This here is an age of new journalism, haven’t you heard? Social media is the new town crier. Luckily for all of us, the fine people in charge of and around Wesleyan University are on top of this social media wagon, and sometimes, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are your best shot for up-to-the-minute information. But even beyond the immediate, some of these pages and feeds, run by the departments or by student groups or even by anonymous individuals, can be interesting, thought-provoking, hilarious, and full of discussions, tips, commentary, and quips that will enrich your experience here. Or at the very least, give you a cheap laugh.

I’ve assembled a list of the essential (and currently active) ones, as well as some of Wesleying’s personal favorites, but this is by no means a complete list. Because there is no other list of pages around (except for the un-updated, official school-approved one), I may have missed a few. We can always add more. There are also individual Twitter feeds you’ll find are useful to follow, but you’re on your own for discovering those. Nobody uses Pinterest, so don’t bother looking.

Primary News Sources (for everything important that goes on campus)


  • Extremely active social media maintained by yours truly and some other Wesleying staffers. We retweet a lot of stuff, sometimes humorously, sometimes seriously.
  • Facebook – @wesleying

Wesleyan University

The Wesleyan Argus

  • Wesleyan University’s bi-weekly, student-run newspaper. Only really updates social media or its website when the paper comes out on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Facebook – @wesleyanargus

Secondary Sources (for more specific inquiries)

Aural Wes

  • Organizing, booking, and writing the Wesleyan music scene. Their website has some pretty great feature articles, and check their social media feeds for concert updates.
  • Facebook@AuralWes

Broad Street Books

  • Your source for books and textbooks and everything book related that’s not at the libraries. 
  • Facebook

Career Center

  • Internship and job postings, career advice, events, meet and greets, and lots of exclamation marks.
  • Facebook @WesCareerCenter

Center for the Arts

  • Shows, blogs, events, and everything creative and Wesleyan-sponsored. Covers art/art history, music, theater, and dance.
  • Facebook@WesCFAYoutube

Center for Humanities

  • One of the oldest humanities institutes in the US, and your source for Humanities events (which cover about a third of the departments here).
  • Facebook@WesHumanities

Center for Prison Education

  • Wesleyan’s acclaimed program providing liberal arts education to prisoners in two Connecticut correctional facilities. Their social media posts a lot about prison reform and social justice.
  • Facebook@WesCPE

Department of Astronomy

  • Stars, man, what are those about?
  • @WesAstro

Department of Athletics

  • Scores, games, news, and other posts from our various NESCAC sports.
  • Facebook@wescores

Department of Classical Studies

  • When in Greece and Rome, learn as the Grecians and Romans did.
  • Facebook


  • Environmental Organizer’s Network, a coalition of student groups dedicated to solving environmental issues.
  • Facebook – @WesEON

Film Series

  • The best f*cking film series you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Not just for shut-ins and Film Majors.
  • Facebook – @FilmSeries

Graduate Liberal Arts Studies

  • For when you’ve finished your four years here and want more.
  • Facebook

Green Street Arts Center

  • A Wesleyan-run community center providing arts education, outreach, events, and a recording studio.
  • Facebook@WesGreenStreet

History & Theory

  • Wesleyan’s quarterly academic journal focusing on the theory and philosophy of history, with executive editor Ethan Kleinberg, Prof. of History and Letters.
  • Facebook@ekleinberg

Information Technology Services

  • Learn to love them. These guys and gals operate all the tech of Wesleyan, fix computers, solve viruses, and will let you know about any campus-wide technological difficulties.
  • Facebook@wes_itsinfo


  • Art Library, Olin, and SciLi are all united under the Library feeds. They post quotes of the day as well as book-related events and information.
  • Facebook @WesLibNews

Long Lane Organic Farm

  • Wesleyan’s student-run organic farm, producing food to sell to farmer’s markets or the dining hall, or donated to charities.
  • Facebook – Blogspot

Method Magazine

New Media Lab

  • Run by ITS, a tech support team for websites, video production, and other technologies more complicated than Twitter.
  • @WesMediaLab

Office of Community Service

Office of Residential Life

  • Your guide to moving in, getting settled, and feeling safe and comfortable at Wesleyan.
  • Facebook @WesResLife

Relay for Life

  • The Wesleyan chapter of the spring overnight event raising money for the American Cancer Society.
  • Facebook

Unlocked Magazine

Usdan University Center

  • The focal point of activity and central programming space for the University. Unaffiliated with the superior @UsdanCooks.
  • Facebook

Waves Magazine


Wes, Divest!

  • Calling on Wesleyan University to clear its investments in fossil fuel companies.
  • @WesDivest

Wesleyan Media Project

  • A project tracking all campaign ads run by federal and state election candidates across the country.
  • @wesmediaproject

Wes Pregame


  • Slam poetry team and club hosting competitions and writing workshops.
  • Facebook


  • A student-run food blog. Extensive and constantly updating about finding eats around Middletown and for your own dorm.
  • Facebook – @WesStuffed – WordPress

Wesleyan University Press

  • All about the University’s publishing program, focusing on poetry, music, dance, science fiction studies, film-TV, and Connecticut history and culture. 
  • Facebook – @weslpress

WESU 88.1


  • AKA the Office of Health Education, not only a place for free condoms and safe sex supplies, but also the home of the Peer Health Advocates office. Healthy minds, healthy bodies!
  • Facebook – @weswell_pha


  • Owners of the Red & Black Café and WesWings post announcements, specials, promote their workers and alumni, and make nice with other Twitter pages. Highly recommended.
  • @WesWings

WILD (Working for Intelligent Landscape Design) Wes

  • Student group redesigning the landscape of our fair campus, from WestCo to the Butts, documenting with lots of pictures.
  • @WILD_WesleyanWordPress


  • Wesleyan Student Assembly, undergraduate government, voice piece for The Man. But usually working hard to make this school better.
  • Facebook – @WSAnews

Cardinals Sports Pages

Baseball— @WesBaseball

Basketball (Men’s)— @WesleyanHoops

Football— @Wes_Football

Lacrosse (Men’s)— @Wes_Lacrosse

Lacrosse (Women’s)— @WesLacrosse

Sailing— @WesSailing

Softball— @Wes_Softball

Track & Field— @WesleyanTrack

Light Reading (for everything else)


  • The original Wesleyan humor publication. Found on the back of the Argus and in the deep recesses of the Internet.
  • Facebook – @WesAmpersand Tumblr


  • President Roth’s dog. You’ll see her if you take his Modern and Postmodern class. Still not sure who her publicist is.
  • @mathildog

Overheard At Wes

Sh*t Wes Fresh Say

The Real Michael Roth

Usdan Cooks

  • Nobody knows who runs the infamous Twitter account representing the wonderful workers over at Usdan, but they’re always happy to tweet back.
  • @UsdanCooks


  • “The norm is a little skewed here, and everyone is cool with it.”
  • Facebook@WeirdWes

Wes Compliments

  • Just started this past year. Email in your compliment or send a personal message, and make somebody’s day.
  • Facebook


Wesleyan Unity


Other Relevant Accounts Worth Following

In The ‘Cac

Middletown Patch

Middletown Press


  • We’re all in the New England Small College Athletic Conference. Read up on your competition here.

NoRA Cupcake Company

  • Cupcake truck. Find it on late nights and taste heaven. Check for their weekly flavors and new inventions.
  • @NoRACupcakeCo

Whey Station

  • A husband and wife-run mobile food (read: grilled cheese) truck that will become your best friend on late nights. Come here to find out hours and specials.
  • @wheystation

Happy social media-ing, and don’t forget to use #thisiswhy ironically!

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