Student Forum: The Humanity of Medicine

From Catherine MacLean ’14 comes an opportunity to fill in the gaps of your pre-med education:

This course is an attempt to blend ideas from a wide variety of disciplines in order to fill the gaps present in an undergraduate pre-health education. The required courses for matriculation into post-graduate education for a health career cover essential biomedical topics but do not address many aspects of the practice of medicine. To be fully prepared to work in health today you need to understand motivation, inequality, socialization, cognitive bias, psychology, behavior, economics, insurance, communication and leadership skills, government policy, sociology, statistics, diverse cultures, and much more. This course will by no means be an exhaustive education in any of these, but merely an overview. We will draw on academic disciplines such as literature, narrative medicine, sociology, psychology, and more.

The class will consist primarily of readings, discussions and short response assignments to readings and discussions. A final project of the student’s choosing must also be completed. As a student forum, this course will be graded on a pass/fail basis and does not count towards any major.

Catherine MacLean ’14 will lead the forum. Catherine is a Biology and SiSP double major with deep interest and experience in the health care system. For more information on the course or to ask any questions you can email her at

The meeting times of the course are TBD and will be voted on at the meeting. If you are interested in the course but cannot attend the meeting PLEASE contact Catherine.

Date: Wednesday, September 4th
Time: 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Place: 41 Wyllys Rm. 110

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