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You inhaled our pizza on 4/20 last Spring, you studied for finals over paper bowls brimming with Costco snacks, and you’re currently spraying Sriracha onto your microwaved Easy Mac.  You’ve seen the stickers and have heard about– now is the time to capitalize on the service!

If you’ve got books to sell, now is the time to get your best price.  Instead of selling to a typical buyback program for pennies on the dollar, will help you find a student buyer who is willing to pay you a fair price.  Not only will they also be getting a discount, but the environment will appreciate the gesture, as well.

To add your books to, just follow these steps–

1) Create an account using your [at]wesleyan[dot]edu e-mail
2) Go to the “My Profile” page and click on “Sell your books!
3) Search for your books by course, or add them individually by using a title, author, keyword, or ISBN
4) Set a price and condition

That’s it!  You’ll receive an e-mail when someone is interested in buying your books.  As always, there is no fee or commission.  You’ll make more, and they’ll spend less.

If you have any questions or run into a problem, just e-mail Wes[at]Texts[dot]com and we’ll get in touch straight-away.

Happy selling!

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  1. Textbooks or Prostitutes?

    this is really an awesome website! I got lucky and got expensive textbooks for a great low price from actual Wes students!!

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