Student Forum: Food Justice and Sustainability at Wesleyan and Beyond

From Rachie Weisberg ’15:foodz

There is a lot of great food related work happening on campus like Food Not Bombs, Long Lane Farm, WesFRESH, and WILD Wes, to name a few. You might have even heard that Wesleyan was chosen as the most vegan-friendly small US school by PETA!

Here at Wesleyan, we are lucky enough to be provided (at least) three meals a day. Yet, despite the fact that we consume food everyday from Wesleyan’s meal plan, many of us are uneducated about the system that brings the food to our plate. In fact, the food system goes
largely overlooked in our daily lives. Our country’s food system consists of a variety components. We will learn about this system in its entirety spanning from issues related to labor, the environment, and overall health and access.

We will learn about these problems and potential solutions that can be implemented both in our lives in Middletown and after college. The class will meet once a week and provide 1 credit in ENVS (ungraded). Expect lots of local and delicious food (including cookies), documentaries and great discussions.

Contact Rachie Weisberg ’15 (rweisberg@wes) or Katy Hardt’15 (khardt@wes) or Jen Roach’14 (jroach@wes) for more information.

The class will be held from 7 – 10 p.m. either on Monday or Wednesday nights depending on availability of interested students.

Informational meeting:

Date: Wed, Sept 4
Time: 12:15-1 p.m.
Place: Usdan 108

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