Local Foods Co-Op Interest Meeting

produce.box_.istockWant mad fresh veggies? Harvest the Westco kale in the dead of night Will Curran-Groome ’14 has the answer:


The Local Co-op is gearing up for another semester/year, and we’re
hoping to get things moving (and food delivered) ASAP. Interested in
local, high-quality, usually Organic produce, bread, meat,
meat-substitutes, eggs, dairy, and preserved goods? Want them for less
than you’ll pay at Weshop? Want to support small, regional food
producers while you’re at it?

Come to an interest/information meeting for the Local Co-op so we can
explain the details of costs, sign-ups, and logistics!

Date: Thursday, September 5th
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Backyard of 66 Home Ave

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