Texts.com Update: Get Cheap Textbooks

frankstiStill having textbook woes? Here’s an update from Peter Frank ’12 of Texts.com:

I have approximately 125 books that were donated from the Class of 2013 still available for purchase. These books are listed at the lowest possible price (seriously, insane discounts), and all proceeds go to financial aid.

I’m not making a cent on these, and I’ve eaten all of the cost to acquire, store, insure, etc.  I’ll be giving out free Costco cookies and Solo cups with any purchase.  I’m just trying to do more to build the Texts.com brand, and give as many students as possible a positive experience with the site and service.  The full listings are viewable here.

Frankly, this is a huge win-win (big savings, helping financial aid), and I’ll be incredibly disappointed if we’re not able to sell all of these titles. You can also check out a snapshot of the key figures of our momentum on campus.

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