Orientation Bike Ride Through Middletown


From the kid who runs faster than Usain Bolt and still has time to be a Sustainability Intern, Ari Lewenstein ’16:

Hey 2017! Interested in exploring Middletown? Interested in going for a bike ride? Interested in meeting some of the awesome people from the Sustainability Office? This is the event for you! Come meet us out front of Exley at 1pm on Sunday and come for a nice leisurely bike ride through Middletown. We’ll be pointing out good restaurants to eat at and we’ll catch you up on the sustainability groups and initiatives that are active at Wesleyan. Please bring your own bike and helmet (or borrow a friend’s), we’ll see you there!

Date: Tomorrow, September 8th
Time: 1-3pm
Place: Church Street side of Exley

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2 thoughts on “Orientation Bike Ride Through Middletown

  1. wesbiker

    I hope you realize that biking in Middletown is miserable and if you’re on main street you’ll probably get side-swiped and/or catcalled. I love biking and do it a lot at home, but after a summer in Middletown with only a bike as transportation, I don’t recommend it.

    1. Cliche

      You’re doing it wrong.

      I’m an alum and I used to race and train in middletown and the surrounding area and never had any problem with it.

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