Join the Local Co-Op! Sign-Ups End Midnight, Tuesday, September 10

If you’re interested in joining the local co-op this semester, here’s the sign up sheet.

If you don’t know about the local co-op, here’s some info:

Welcome to the Wesleyan Local Co-Op! We are a group of students committed to providing you with the best local food we can source. Local food means that during the winter you will not be getting any pineapples or avocadoes, but might be eating delicious root vegetables like potatoes, turnips and beets, or hardy greens instead. We try to get as much variety as possible, but please take into consideration the limitations of what we are trying to do here in Connecticut. Support local farmers, save money, and most importantly, eat gooooood food.

As a member of the co-op, your responsibilities include not only picking up your share weekly, but also volunteering once throughout the semester to help with organization and distribution (further information will be emailed). If you have any questions, just email wesleyanlocalcoop[at]gmail[dot]com 

So just fill out the following form according to what type of shares you would like to receive. Points will be deducted from your account accordingly. If you and a group of friends are splitting any shares, it is very important that each individual fills out the form separately and indicates exactly the portions for which they wish to be charged.

The deadline for filling out and editing the form is midnight on Tuesday, September 10!

(And if you’re interested in taking an administrative role with the co-op just email us at wesleyanlocalcoop[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know!)

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