Rankings Once Again Arbitrary, Wes Once Again #17

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For further redundancy, incredible sarcasm and unrelenting disgust has been clogging up the tubes around campus.

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again: US News and World Report has released its infamous college rankings list and put Wesleyan at #17 on the National Liberal Arts College list, tied with Grinnell College of Iowa and the United States Military Academy (West Point) of West Point, New York. In a demonstration of recursive redundancy, this ranking is exactly where we ranked last year. In a demonstration of arbitrary analysis–this is US News we’re talking about here–the publication stated the following blurb to describe Wesleyan (reproduced in full from the rankings listing):

Wesleyan University is located in Middletown, Conn., overlooking the Connecticut River. The private institution’s sports teams compete in the Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference, as well as in the unofficial Little Three athletic conference with Amherst College and Williams College.

Two things. One, Wes is barely overlooking the Connecticut River; it’s pretty much only visible from the top floors of a handful of campus buildings. And two, you really decided to spend 32 words of your 43-word summary of “Wesleyan” on the fact that we participate in the NESCAC and Little Three? Seriously?

The full page on Wesleyan isn’t much better. The third sentence is “It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.” Whoopty-fuckin-doo.

Why did we even cover this, again? This is really unimportant news. Please go on with your lives.

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4 thoughts on “Rankings Once Again Arbitrary, Wes Once Again #17

  1. johnwesley

    Actually, back in the day, you could see the river from the top of Foss. That was before the tree line further downtown started to obscure the view. Try walking past the observatory once the leaves have fallen.

  2. Abbey

    Yeah, they also managed to get our “tuition and fees” number wrong. They just included tuition, not the fees. Not that it’s anything for us to be proud of, but still. Let’s do some at least perfunctory research, people.

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