Whatever This Is: Episode 2

Dylan Marron ’10 writes in to share the second episode of his independent TV show, Whatever this is. In case you missed the first episode, which can be found here, here’s a brief overview that Dylan gave for a previous Wesleying post:

I was recently cast in an independent television show called Whatever this is. It follows three best friends – Sam (Hunter Canning), Ari (Dylan Marron), and Lisa (Madeline Wise) — who work job-to-job in New York City. Sam and Ari work as production assistants on reality television shows and each episode sees them on the set of a different project. Whatever this is. is from the same people who made The Outs, the 2012 series that was made on a shoestring budget, developed a cult following, and drew fans like John Cameron Mitchell and Alan Cumming (who appeared in The Outs’ Hanukkah Episode).

The second episode is called Whatever this is. • Westchester, produced by Rascal Department, and it can be found on Vimeo.

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