Yawn a More Roman Way

Tulsa Slut

From “the nicest guy you know,” Coz Deicke ’15:

Tulsa Night Life: Filth, Gin, a Slut

Welcome to the world of Yawn a More Roman Way where the dialogue is palindromes, the characters are bizarre, and the realm is absurd.

An Original Palindromic Play Written and Directed by Coz Deicke

This show is sponsored by Second Stage and the tickets are free! Get them at the Box Office on the day of the performance!


Amanda Hayley Sonnenschein ’14
Maddy Oswald ’14
Christian Schneider ’14
Matthew Krakaur ’14

Cicily Clare Gruber ’15 – Stage Manager
Lily Herman ’16 – Lighting Designer
Ali Myer ’15 – Set Designer
Alex Fireman ’16 – Costume Designer
Mariana Quinn-Makwaia ’14 – Properties Designer
Kirby Sokolow ’14 – Sound Designer
Cicily Clare Gruber ’15 – Master Electrician
Melanie Parziale ’16 – Master Carpenter
Miranda Haymon ’16 – Choreographer
May Treuhaft-Ali ’17 – Light Board Operator
Oren Maximov ’17 – Sound Board Operator
Olivia Riddick ’17 – Run Crew
Maddy Oswald ’16 – Publicity
Andy Ribner ’14 – Photographer

Date: September 12th, 13th, & 14th
Time: 8pm
Place: ’92 Theater
Cost: FREE
Facebook: I can’t think of a witty palindrome, so here it is.

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