Apply to Play at the Wash Street Block Party

From Matthew Fine ’15:

Hey, do you and your friends have a band? Does your band want to perform for a figurative ton of students? Does your band have about 20-30 minutes of material that you can play during a selected time slot? Is your band available between 1 and 5 pm on September 21? Do you want to be a part of an event that will catalyze the interpersonal bonding of the greater Wesleyan Student body creating a collective effervescence that other ? Well, if this sounds like you, you should totally apply to play at the Washington Street Block Party! There will be food and art and, if you apply, music. So you should totally do it. Just shoot me over an email at mfine[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and you too can contribute to the Wesleyan communtiy.

Applications are due by 1AM on Sept 17.

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