Want to save the world?

Act fast! From Isabel Stern ’14:

But actually, do you? If you answered yes you should undoubtedly be going to this years New England Campus Sustainability Forum! Talk about impacts of climate change and solutions to help fight it! Bring these solutions home to Wesleyan and teach everyone else! Spread your knowledge to Middletown, Connecticut, the U.S., THE WORLD! Wesleyan has managed to snipe 2 FREE tickets to this years conference, so if you are interested ACT FAST! Contact Jen Kleindienst (jkleindienst(at)wesleyan(dot)edu) of the lovely Sustainability Department if you are interested or want to know more!

Dates: Friday, September 20th through Saturday, September 21st
Time: Noon until 5pm the next day
Place: Colleges of the Fenway (Boston, MA)
Cost: FREEEEEE (for the first 2 lucky students)

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