DJ Rashad and Guy Fridge at Eclectic


Majical Cloudz got you down last week? Get out of your coffin and enter the reality of DJ Rashad, a world in which one may not be able to dance quickly enough to satisfy his needs — the BPM is typically high in the classical “juke,” “footwork,” “ghettotech,” etc. tradition. Read: DJ Rashad’s 90 minute set may rightfully exhaust you.

Guy Fridge has left Wesleyan for NYU, but I suppose we can accept him for the night. Not only are his sets musically exhilarating, but the energy emitted from Mr. Fridge’s body will make it difficult for you to self-consciously stand around. So don’t do that.

The show starts immediately at 10.

DJ Rashad can be found on soundcloud here and here. Plus check out this website to watch and download a live set.

Guy Fridge can be found here.

Date: Thursday, September 19th
Time: 10-midnight
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Free
Dance: Definitely

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2 thoughts on “DJ Rashad and Guy Fridge at Eclectic

  1. dr lopez

    lol who booked this?? As an owner of every ftwrk release on mu and countless others… wtf? people care about this? I’m down but lol

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